Submitted by sergey on Sun, 07/03/2022 - 18:51
Arsenic Linked To Diabetes Through Drinking Water

What if I told you the water that you?re being told to drink to cleanse your body and make you better could actually be killing you? True, water is essential to survival and we need it to cleanse and detoxify, as well as to hydrate, but it has been found that there may be an unhealthy level of arsenic found in our water. Compounded with the arsenic we may be finding in our lean meats, and we are poisoning ourselves!

In a recent study, the urine of 13,000 people was checked for arsenic poisoning and toxicity, and it was noted that participants who had type 2 diabetes had a 26 percent higher level of total arsenic than those without the disease. This means that arsenic can not only be linked to cancer, heart disease, and loss of mental function, but also to diabetes. For more information, see this story:

Now that we know this however, it certainly can affect one of the biggest ?prescriptions? doctors give their overweight, diabetic patients, which is a diet of lean meat which is mostly chicken loaded with arsenic and plenty of water which is also contaminated by the same i.e. arsenic poisoned as well. Lean meat, like chicken, also contains arsenic, which is used to rid the chicken of parasites and therefore promote growth. And, in our drinking water, a small amount of arsenic is allowed.

So now what?

Go get your toxicity levels checked and monitored and corrected. At home methods could include what I have always recommended, a diet rich in cilantro (which is known for ridding our body of many toxins), distilled water, and plenty of chicken, but only organic chicken! Also, keep in mind that while water is extremely healthy for us in many ways, drinking too much can make our sodium levels go down, which isn?t healthy for us either. Balance here is the key. We have many ways in our office to test and rid your body of toxins, such as arsenic and mercury. We can help you find out what is wrong with your body and fix it, while learning to live a more natural and healthy life.