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A new health fad has spread from Hollywood to the general public.  Celebrities who don?t have time to be sick are getting their nutrients and energy from an IV.  Well-known stars like Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, Miley Cyrus, Mario Lopez and Simon Cowell have been happily reporting that they get their vitamins directly pushed into their veins in large doses.  So is this a temporary craze or a great way to live? 


What Exactly is the IV Vitamin Therapy?


Intravenous vitamin treatment is a method that uses an IV to send vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream.  Many high-energy, high-profile celebrities are using it as a natural way to feel more energetic and to prevent sickness.  Vitamin mixtures can be individualized for each patient, giving the body nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B complex or magnesium directly through the bloodstream.  Depending on each person?s needs and preferences, results may vary from more energy to better immunity to glowing skin from a nutrient-rich body. 


The History of IV Vitamins


The idea of feeding the body nutrients through the bloodstream is nothing new.  In the 1970?s, Nobel-prize-winner Linus Pauling and Ewan Cameron started studying the benefits of high-dose vitamin C for cancer treatment [5].  Their work went on for a couple of decades.  Then in the 1980?s the Myer?s cocktail first became popular and successful, which feeds the body necessary nutrients through an IV: magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C [6].  This supplement makeup is basically what is still most common among physicians.  


In recent years, the idea of IV treatment has become popular for partiers who want to avoid a nasty hangover.  Instead of lying in bed feeling terrible, they can go to a ?hangover center? so that a hydrating, nutritious solution can be pumped through the body via IV to rehydrate and nourish [7].  Trendy clinics are opening all over that specialize in this service.  Many even offer house calls.  Most are aimed at patients needing a reboot after a rough night and offer named IV cocktails as if they were drinks at a smoothie shop: Regenerate, Alkaline, Detox, Performance, Immunity [8].


Why Would Someone Opt for this Therapy?


Even if someone takes quality vitamins every day, it doesn?t necessarily mean that their body is properly utilizing them.  Over 70% of Americans live with uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms, most of whom don?t see a doctor about it [1].  With so many Americans having undetected digestive issues, it?s absolutely no guarantee that something you put in your mouth is actually going to correctly disperse through your body.  


For instance, I once had a patient with disseminated cancer.  We found that his vitamin D levels were dangerously low, so he started taking 5,000 units a day.  The recommended daily dose is 600.  After two weeks of major vitamin D intake, his test results showed vitamin D levels that were even lower than when he started.  Even though he took nearly 10 times more than what?s recommended to Americans, his digestive system still couldn?t absorb it.  Same can be applied to any vitamin or mineral, magnesium for example.


Bypassing the digestive system is very useful in the medical world.  Doctors can safely deliver a larger dose of nutrients because the bloodstream can tolerate more than the digestive system.  The vitamins that go into the bloodstream are absorbed in far higher levels than vitamins taken by mouth.  The nutrients flood the body and are able to feed good health at a cellular level. 


Too many Americans are depleted of essential nutrients.  Due to causes ranging from unnatural diet to soil depletion to afflicted digestive systems, most people simply cannot get all of the vitamins that they need on a daily basis.  This is nothing to be taken lightly.  Poor nutrition is associated with terrible diseases and conditions.  Even the head of the Vitamin D Council, John J. Cannell, MD, stated, ?Ninety-five percent of Americans are deficient in vitamin D?It?s very difficult to overstate the seriousness of the situation? [2].   

Benefits of Intravenous Vitamin Treatments (Additional Point)

IV Vitamin therapies have turned into a statement these days. Primarily, due to the benefits that these treatments come associated with. Given below are a few benefits that you can reap out of such a therapy.

Using Intravenous Vitamin C for Cancer


An IV drip with vitamins C can also be used as great support for cancer care.  Studies have suggested that high levels of vitamin C can kill cancer cells in a lab [3].  Adding this large supply of the vitamin to a body fighting cancer can also offer relief and better quality of life.  For cancer patients, I am able to use 50-70 grams of vitamin C with an IV.  It?s simply not possible to effectively give that large of an amount in tablets.


There was another study on intravenous vitamin C given to breast cancer patients who were being treated with chemotherapy and radiation.  The women who received the vitamin C reported fewer side effects and better quality of life than the women who were without the vitamin treatments.  These women were also able to maintain higher vitamin C levels in the blood that lasted much longer than their counterparts [4]. This is one of the most contemplated IV Vitamin Therapy Benefits that have been known.


Not Much Risk Involved


Finally, let?s look at the critics.  Many writers are saying that there has not been enough research done on this technique to prove that it works effectively.  They claim that the people feel great afterwards due to placebo.  They think that any IV solution will make people feel better if they are already dehydrated.  I will not deny any of these opinions, but from my personal experience as a physician, I have enjoyed being able to see great improvement within patients.  Patients with severe nutritional deficiencies and digestive issues are able to get enough nutrients in less than an hour to feel whole again.  And while there actually has been a plethora of research on it since the 1970?s, it is always a good idea to fund more studies to find the most effective healthcare for us all.  


Unlike many pharmaceutical drugs that are on the market, this one doesn?t present any major side effects if used properly with appropriate precautions.  Most risks have to do with the IV method.  Just like giving blood, there may be the chance of a bruise at the injection site and patients may experience a localized burning sensation if the IV has to be switched from one vein to another.  But as far as the treatment itself, there have been minimal risks detected.  You are simply filling your body full of the natural vitamins it would normally get from quality food and intensive supplements.


Can IV Treatments Solve All of Our Problems?


Although it is exciting and risk-free, intravenous vitamin treatments should not be seen as the end-all-be-all of good health.  Unhealthful lifestyles can?t be suddenly fixed with intravenous vitamin intake.  This solution will certainly support your body to do what it needs to do and to build the immune system, but it doesn?t serve as a miracle drug.  It is a natural treatment that simply provides your body with what it is craving. 


With the intravenous vitamins I offer at my clinic, the treatment is a less aimed at party animals and more at people with deficiencies or high-energy jobs.  Luckily for all of us, vitamins injections are now available for everyone and no longer just a celebrity benefit.  For most patients, I offer a solution with vitamin b12, B complex, vitamin C and magnesium.  If you are curious about the treatment and would like more information or want to see if it is right for you, call one of our offices today.  There?s no reason to wait for a boost of good health.