How To Improve Your S.E.X. Life Naturally


Is your s.e.x. life setting off fireworks? Or is it more luke-warm than red-hot? This workshop was created to give you surprising (maybe even shocking) new information and ideas about s.e.x., and new ways to improve your s.e.x. life and your overall health ?without resorting to drugs, toxins or other unnatural substances.

By the end of the workshop, you?ll know more than you?ve ever known about the topic?and what you learn can put more sizzle into your s.e.x. life?in a natural way. HOW OFTEN IS OFTEN ENOUGH? How many times a month?or week?or day?should you have s.e.x.? Opinions differ?wildly.

There?s a popular medical textbook, ?Harrison?s Principles of Internal Medicine,? that tells you how many times a minute you should breathe, specifies what you should eat, and calculates how many times you should go to the bathroom. How often should you make love? It doesn?t have a clear answer. Elvis Presley once spent the night in a secret room in the Playboy Mansion West, in the early ?70s. His actions there that night made the room not so secret?according to sources, he shared his bed with at least 8 women in that one night, and none of them left unhappy.

Should you strive to keep up with Elvis in the ?70s? Or should you compete with a gray-haired patient of mine in his 70s? He came rushing into my office one day, complaining that, ?my wife is going to kill me!? ?You're not giving her enough money?? I joked. ?It's much worse, doctor. I can?t satisfy her s.e.x.ually,? said the patient. ?How often do you have s.e.x.? Once a week? Once a month? Once a year?? I asked. ?We have s.e.x. 2 to 3 times a week!? Answered the patient. ?So what's the problem then?? I asked. His surprising answer: ?It used to be 1 or 2 times a day!?

So who else should we ask? Our government apparently believes a couple should have s.e.x. 6 times a month. How do I know that?s their number? Simple. That?s how many Viagra pills Medicaid covered in a month. (You can bet the Big Pharma companies that make erectile dysfunction pills want that number to be much higher.) Other opinions: WikiAnswers: 3 to 6 times a week. Dr. Oz: 3 to 4 times a week to reduce your physiologic age according to Duke University study .

So what is the right answer to the question ?How often is often enough?? There is no right answer. No single perfect number. The right number for you is the number that makes you happy. ?YOU ANIMAL, YOU? It?s always fascinating to look at the animal kingdom for a fresh perspective on s.e.x. The bonobo, also known as a pygmy chimpanzee, is similar to humans in regard to their s.e.x. lives. Unlike some other animals who have pretty unimaginative s.e.x. lives, the bonobo is highly creative? They have s.e.x. in different positions.   They have oral s.e.x.   They have s.e.x. at least once a day, and often many times a day.   They even bond emotionally because of s.e.x. Maybe we should imitate bonobos, who seem to be having plenty of fun. But we?re not monkeys.

So let?s look at the s.e.x. lives of another fascinating species: Politicians. A POWER TRIP TO THE BEDROOM November 15, 1995. The White House Washington DC. The graying but still handsome president is standing in the Oval Office. In front of him is not a cabinet member, but a young brunette with wide-open eyes and gorgeous curves. What was he thinking about at that moment? American citizens? The economy? His wife? The disaster he was about to cause? My guess is that he was thinking about this woman and nothing else. And he?s only one of countless politicians who?ve gotten caught up in s.e.x. scandals over the centuries.

What makes politicians have risky s.e.x.? What makes them have it in places like the Oval Office? What makes so many politicians have s.e.x. so often with so many people that they probably shouldn?t have s.e.x. with at all? Maybe they?re following their ancient instincts to prolong their lives and procreate. Or maybe, as many studies suggest, politicians (and other powerful people) have more testosterone than other men?

PALEOLITHIC S.E.X. IF IT WORKED FOR CAVEMEN, WILL IT WORK FOR US? Paleolithic men and women had a very different diet than modern society, a diet free of toxins and processed foods. Many people (myself included) believe we?d be better off eating a Paleolithic diet. Which makes you wonder?if Paleolithic man had better diets than modern man, did they also have better s.e.x. lives? Were their s.e.x. lives freer, because they didn?t have tight schedules to keep?or lots of layers of clothing to lose? Was s.e.x. more robust because they were physically active? Did Paleolithic men have higher levels of testosterone? Did Paleolithic women have better s.e.x. because they had stronger pelvic floor muscles than we do in our sedentary society? Did foods without toxins keep their hormones level? Did they have s.e.x. more than us because it wasn?t just about fun, it was about survival of the species? The answer to all these questions is most probably a resounding YES. AGE AND SEX. NOT WHAT YOU EXPECT. Age can play tricks on your s.e.x. life. But not always in the way you?d expect.

  • A pleasant middle-aged woman sat in my office with tears rolling down her face. Her boyfriend had threatened to leave her because of her vaginal dryness and night sweats. She went to her primary care physician, but was told her symptoms were a normal reaction to menopause.  However, this didn?t make her boyfriend change his mind.  She needed help right away.
  • A middle-aged man was sitting in my office, and asked desperately: "Doctor, help me!  I need to get this thing up now!? ?Why it is so urgent?" I asked.  "Because she's much younger than me" said the man.  I tried to explain that a man in his 50s cannot expect to perform the same as an 18-year-old man.  He refused to listen.  "I love her Doctor; I can?t make her unhappy because I can't perform. I can't lose her because if I do, I will die without her."  What could I have told him?  That he shouldn't have married a young girl?  I couldn't say that because love doesn't know anything about age.

These are typical problems that occur at typical ages. And typically, I?d say that?s just nature?s way of marking the passage of the years, and the shutting down of the reproductive system. That?s what I thought. Until recently. I learned that when a woman is born, she has about a million eggs in her ovaries.  But during her lifetime, she uses only about 300 to 400?so when she?s in mid-life, she still has hundreds of thousands of eggs. The question is: why does she have so many eggs if she's only going to use 0.04% of them?  

But that wasn't all. While sifting through medical literature about men's sexual function, I learned that testicular biopsies of elderly man have revealed a huge amount of spermatozoon (sperm cells). Why would an old man have multiple spermatozoon in his testicles, yet be unable to deliver them to the woman's reproductive organs? Why would Mother Nature do such a stupid thing? I did some exploration on the subject? MOTHER NATURE, MEET FATHER TIME

According to the Bible, Adam, the first man on earth, lived for 930 years. The Bible doesn't say how long Eve lived, though some people believe that it was about 600 years. Maybe that?s why men and women have so many spermatozoon and eggs?we?re supposed to live for centuries. But this puzzled me even more. If we were supposed to live longer?shouldn?t we be able to procreate longer?

How would that account for Menopause and Andropause (male menopause) that starts around age 50? Shouldn?t they start at much older ages? It?s a mystery. And it isn?t cleared up when you look at the younger end of the spectrum. Recent studies have shown that s.e.x. hormone level declines aren?t always a matter of age? -A third of young men are not interested in s.e.x. anymore .

Levels of testosterone and sperm counts are declining regardless of age in Western countries. Marriage lowers testosterone. Why does all this matter? Why do we need answers? Because people are unhappy about their sex lives, regardless of their ages.

A famous TV personality, author and cook Anthony Bourdain, said once in a speech that TV cooking shows are like porn: you watch what they are doing, but you yourselves are not going to do it in the near future.  The audience didn?t laugh. Is it because modern western middle-aged men and women have stopped considering s.e.x. as a vital part of their everyday life?

I began to look further for answers. What I found just stirred up more questions... A young man in his early thirties came to see me because of erectile dysfunction. He had a lovely wife, but he couldn't perform, so I started investigating. Tests revealed he didn?t have enough s.e.x. hormone testosterone. What was surprising was that it looked like his body hadn't even attempted to correct it.

A young woman in her late twenties came to see me, complaining of not wanting to have s.e.x. at all.  She wasn?t even 30!  How could that be?  It was the same story: it seemed that her body didn't want to correct the problem at all.  Is it possible that Menopause and Andropause were now starting at age 30? That didn?t make any sense to me. We know our bodies have enormous potential for s.e.x. life. But sometimes things go wrong?as if our bodies have changed their own laws on how to behave.

So I looked at possible causes. IF LOVE ISN?T IN THE AIR, IS IT SOMETHING IN THE WATER? In the 1980s, scientists began looking into the decline of the salmon population. The male/female ratio was severely off, with females outnumbering the males. Did nature make an error? The ratio seemed to be fine immediately after hatching ? but downriver, the genders were uneven! There was no evidence that the males had died, so where did they go?

Then the scientists began examining the salmon?s genetics?and found something shocking. Between hatching and going downriver, the male salmon were turning into females! They found the explanation: a male can become a female early in life if it?s exposed to estrogen. However, there were no natural estrogen sources in the Colorado River, where this investigation was taking place. Therefore, it must have been man-made compounds, such as pesticides and detergents, which were acting as the natural hormone 'estrogen'. Scientists became very concerned?because it wasn?t the only disaster they came across.

Biologist Mike Gilbertson observed an unusually high death rate of gull chicks in Lake Ontario, 1970. 80% of the chicks died before hatching, and they had an unusually high amount of deformities?deformities that were similar to those found in chicks that were exposed to dioxide poisoning. His colleagues laughed at him; there wasn?t any dioxide in Lake Ontario. 20 years later, they discovered there was indeed dioxide in Lake Ontario?at levels too small to detect then, but not too small to poison the gull chicks.

At the Great Lakes in 1988, Ms. Theo Colborn, professor of zoology at the University of Florida, was interested in the unusual behavior displayed by gulls ? two female gulls were nesting together. Usually it?s a male and female who nest together, were these 'gay gulls'? The only thing that could change this behavior is a shift in hormones ? but Colborn was trained in zoology, not hormones. So she bought an endocrinology textbook. She found that the Swedish toxicologist Bengtsson was concerned about the shrinkage of fish s.e.x. organs because of Baltic water contamination. Could it be a disruption in their hormones?

In 1991, 21 scientists gathered to discuss the hormone-changing effects of these environmental toxins. They issued a document called the ?Wingspread Consensus Statement?. This meeting became famous, as it was where the term ?endocrine disruptor? was coined.

WHY TOXINS ARE SO TOXIC Hormones are like messengers that deliver signals from the brain to our endocrine glands and the rest of our body. It only takes a small amount of hormone to transmit a signal?so it only takes a few molecules of an environmental toxin to disrupt that signal.

Being exposed to endocrine disruptors can be disastrous: our bodies cannot regulate themselves anymore ? even to the extent that gender is changed. Endocrine disruptors can be found everywhere: in our water, air, dust, detergents, cosmetics, pesticides, plastics, etc. They cause fertility problems, fetal loss, cancer, menstrual problems, low IQ, learning problems, behavioral problems, ADHD and autism. It makes sense that these toxins are also messing up our s.e.x. lives, doesn?t it? So which toxins are we talking about exactly?

There are all kinds of likely suspects?

  • The estrogen-like substances around us from plastic water bottles, or aluminum cookware.
  • Heavy metals from the fillings in our teeth, or paints.
  • Drugs like contraceptives, which disrupt the whole hormone system to the extent that a woman cannot even ovulate.

But the more I researched toxins, the more puzzled I became. In Western countries full of toxins, life expectancy is close to 80 years, while in almost toxin-free primitive societies, life expectancy is all the way down to about 45 years.  So how can we explain this? Are toxins around us actually prolonging our life and not killing us? Even cave men were puzzled about this, according to this cartoon: Two cave men are sitting in front of the fire.  One is telling another: ?Something is very wrong here.  We are eating only organic unprocessed food, we are drinking clean water and breathing clean air.  And we still live 40 years??

There?s even evidence of toxins in ancient Rome. Why do you think this highly organized and civilized society succumbed to wild barbarians? It shouldn?t have happened, but it did. Could it be because Romans were getting their water supply though lead pipes? The truth is, toxins are killing us?or at least killing our s.e.x. lives. So you should have your toxin levels checked.

So what else is affecting our s.e.x.ual happiness? S.E.X. ON THE BRAIN They say the brain is the most important sex organ we have. But what if the brain isn?t in such great shape? According to the Government the prevalence of mental disease in the US is about 20% .  This means that every 5th person is crazy. According to the same source, the study showed, that in Manhattan, New York the prevalence of mental diseases is stunning -- 81%.

It makes you wonder? Can you have good s.e.x. with a person who is mentally ill? Can you have good s.e.x. if you are mentally far away and preoccupied with something? Or angry? Or depressed? No wonder the top-selling grocery items are all things that change your mood: Coffee, sweets, cigarettes, and alcohol. I started thinking?why do we need mood enhancers? And what about mood enhancers in the form of pills? Are they the answer to better s.e.x.? IS THE CHEMISTRY RIGHT?

Let?s look at the brain and some of the chemicals in it. Serotonin: This natural wonder is a neurotransmitter that contributes to feelings of happiness, and allows you to adapt to your surroundings (and your partner). No serotonin? Life is lousy, and you can become depressed and anxious. Lots of serotonin? Life is wonderful. To improve mood, antidepressant drugs raise the brain?s concentration of serotonin. What I did not realize was about 80% of serotonin is made in the gut, not the brain.

Is there a gut--brain connection? Is it true that we are what we eat? Will diet improve our mood?and our s.e.x. lives?

But serotonin is not alone in its impact on you. Dopamine: Besides having fun, you need to do something in life. That takes motivation, and that takes a chemical called dopamine. A lack of dopamine makes you disinterested and depressed?a quiet depression. Lack of dopamine is also linked to various drug addictions.

GABA: Another major neurotransmitter, you need GABA to concentrate. For instance, when you?re reading a book, GABA lets you concentrate on the words, and tune out noises, smells and distractions. Without it, you can?t concentrate.  GABA is also necessary for sleep and relaxation.  Alcohol and some anti-anxiety drugs stimulate GABA receptors -- they work like GABA. That?s why alcohol is so popular. Acetylcholine: This major neurotransmitter is responsible for memory, arousal and reward.

To have good s.e.x., you need all three of these neurotransmitters to work: Dopamine for motivation and desire, Serotonin for pleasure and adaptation to your partner, and GABA for relaxation. But what if you?re low on one or more of these three? Can you fill them up at the pharmacy, and be happy?

PILLS: A HANDFUL OF TROUBLE Sure, you can get pills that elevate your transmitter levels. Easy.  Go to your PCP, say that you?re depressed and/or anxious, and you?ll get plenty of choices right away. And you may feel better for a while, but to really get better, your chances are slim. Recent studies showed that: -Antidepressants are not effective to prevent the most dangerous complication of depression -- suicide . Then are they effective at all?

There is a bias in the publication of the studies:  favorable are published, not favorable -- not . -Using drugs or alcohol, which mimic natural neurotransmitters, causes confusion in the brain?s receptor sites. Suppose you?re taking anti-anxiety drugs like Ativan, or you?re drinking alcohol. These substances stimulate brain GABA receptors. But it?s actually overstimulation, and the brain cells respond by reducing the number of the receptors to bring the level of stimulation to normal.

It means that these receptors just disappear from the cell membrane. It is called downregulation.  So if you stop taking these drugs or stop taking alcohol, your brain can?t function properly, because it does not have enough receptors to respond normally to the normal neurotransmitters. Result: you become very sick--which makes you crave drugs or alcohol to get back to the brain?s ?new normal.? This vicious circle can lead to dependence and addiction. So obviously, it?s a dead end to use drugs for improved s.e.x..

Where else should we look? There are two more brain functions your relationship depends on: cognition and memory. If your cognition is impaired, you simply can?t understand your partner. Same applies if you have memory problems. Therefore, your cognitive and memory functions should be checked and fixed if necessary by a specialist.

This reminds me of a conversation between a failing couple in the middle of the marriage counseling session:  ?You don?t see what I mean,? said the wife. ?That?s because you don?t hear what I?m saying,? answered the husband. Obviously their cognition was impaired to the extent that the wife could only get information from acoustic source -- her husband?s speech, and the husband could not get information from the visual source -- his wife.

DO YOU HAVE THE STOMACH FOR THIS? Food is a big area to explore. Think about the questions around eating, vitamins and nutrients. -If you don?t have the right nutrients in your food, can you function properly? -If you can?t digest your food, can you get your nutrients? -If you spend your nutrients unwisely, can you thrive? -Are you modifying and destroying nutrients by processing and heating food?

Over-the-counter vitamins aren?t a substitute for natural nutrients?how could the pharmaceutical companies ever know exactly what your body needs? They sell you what they manufacture, whether you need it or not. That said, you still need supplements even if you eat unprocessed food, because much of today?s foods are grown in depleted soil.

The solution is to consult with your doctor about what to take. If your gut doesn?t work properly, it can?t digest even the best food in the world. Common reasons for this are lack of hydrochloric acid due to age or drugs like Nexium, lack of digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria, or parasites or other inflammatory process in your gut. If you?re having stomach issues, you need to go to a physician who practices functional medicine, and figure out what needs to be done. You cannot do this on your own.

HORMONES: A BALANCING ACT If your hormones are out of balance, it can lead to all kinds of trouble? If you have a chronic inflammation, your body is using a key nutrient, cholesterol, to produce cortisol, an anti-inflammatory hormone, instead of using it to make s.e.x hormones like testosterone, progesterone or estrogen.  This is called cortisol steal.  Do you think you can have a good s.e.x. if you lack key s.e.x. hormones because of inflammation in your body?

PMS is another hormonal issue that affects s.e.x.. It can cause everything from hunger to bloating to anger. The only way to balance your hormones is to consult a physician. You can?t do it on your own.

LOOKING TO THE PAST So how did we end up with so many problems, despite all the progress we?ve made? One interesting explanation comes from the Bible ( see ?S.e.x. after dawn? 12).  The first man and woman on earth were living happily in the Garden of Eden.  But as soon as they learned about their s.e.x.uality, they were thrown out of Paradise. From then on, humans had to earn their food by working very hard as hunters and gatherers. The world was unlike Eden, where a plentiful bounty of food could be foraged with little effort. As populations increased, humans turned to agriculture, and began eating things their bodies weren?t designed for: wheat and milk. It?s a little like putting rocket fuel into an ordinary car, and expecting it to perform well.

THE HUMAN ANIMAL In the few primitive societies that are not affected by the Western lifestyle, there is a trend toward promiscuity, just as there is in many animal societies. There is a famous example about Rasmussen.  When he came to an Eskimo village, the leader of the tribe offered him not only food and bed, but also his wife . Other primitive societies are also practicing s.e.x.ual promiscuity.  But is it something that?s inherent in humans? Or are they just bad?

Think about these: In every society, in every part of the world and in every era, it is usually the woman who vocalizes during s.e.x.. Why would she do this, when lovemaking is intended to be very private ?  Could it be because she?s telling other males that she?s there and available? Why do humans make love with so much friction, compared to the animal world? Why does the human p.e.n.i.s. have a big glans, so it looks like a plunger rather then a pencil?  Why would human sperm?s last portion have spermicide to actually kill the sperm?  Is it because men are designed to neutralize the sperm of other men in the same woman by sucking it out and killing it? Are men?s and women?s bodies designed for promiscuity? Possibly.

But even though humans may be designed for promiscuity, we could have transformed ourselves into creatures that are monogamous. Could it be because our brains now are highly susceptible to the brain waves from other brains, mainly our spouses? Could it be that we feel okay if our brain waves are in sync with our loved ones? That?s why we?re happy with our loved ones. But what it may mean is that we?re not comfortable anymore with others we?re not in sync with, and promiscuity becomes impossible. Could this explanation be applied not to everybody?

My feeling is that we should follow our instincts rather than theory.  If we?re in love with our spouses, we should not look for solutions by becoming s.e.x.ually promiscuous. This can ruin our lives. Examples? A former New York State governor and former New York State congressman. And there are plenty of other examples. I don?t condemn these men.  I think they were just trying to solve their hormonal, neurotransmitter and nutritional problems in a wrong way.  Shouldn't they balance themselves as well as their wives first?  Could it prevent the disaster?

In 1930, President Coolidge and his wife came to see a farm that was specializing in making eggs. The president?s wife noticed that there were many hens but only a few roosters.  She asked a farmer for explanation.  ?It is because one rooster can fertilize many hens during a day,? answered the farmer. ?Perhaps you can mention this to my husband,? replied Mrs. Coolidge. The president overheard this conversation.  ?Is the rooster fertilizing the same hen during the day?? he asked. ?Oh no, sir.  He always does it with different hens, he does not do it with the same hen,? answered the farmer.  ?Perhaps you can mention this to my wife,? said the president.

And if humans may veer naturally toward promiscuity?how can we explain marriage? Is it a dying art? Could it be, that humans cannot handle even monogamous relationship any more? Remember mentioned earlier study about young men who are not interested in s.e.x. any more -- young men 19 year old, who should want to make love with everything that moves? The only thing I know is that I do not know all the answers.  I believe, that if your mind is clear, your hormones and neurotransmitters are balanced, then you can find the right answer for you. What I do know is there are things we can control, like supporting our detoxification system, our endocrine system, and our neurotransmitter system. In doing so, we can improve our s.e.x. lives?which can improve our whole lives.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT We can work to clean up our food in several ways: Buy and prepare foods ourselves, so we know exactly what goes into the preparation. Buy organic, as conventional food lacks the amount of vitamins, micro-elements and nutrients compared to its non-organic counterpart. Choose meat that has been fed naturally (grass-fed) to make sure you?re getting real meat. Corn-fed meat doesn?t have enough micro-elements and omega 3 fatty acids that protect the heart. Note that omega 3 fatty acids aren?t only found in fish?they come from grass-fed beef as well. Another reason to eat grass-fed beef is to reduce your chances of ingesting dangerous bugs that are resistant to the acids in your stomach. The reason for their resistance is that corn makes a cow?s gastric content acidic, so bacteria must become acid-resistant to survive in a cow?s stomach.

USE YOUR GUT INSTINCT Make sure the food looks fresh and natural, avoid foods that look contaminated, spoiled, or infected with yeast. This one is especially dangerous as it?s very difficult to diagnose and treat yeast. Cook food at the lowest temperature possible, avoid temperatures above 212?F (100?C). If you cook above this temperature, you alter the food too much ? depriving it of its nutritional value (actually, you start destroying nutrients if the temperature goes above 115?F, but this does not mean that you should eat all foods raw. Keep in mind that you should stay on the safe side and destroy possible microbes and parasites). You destroy the vitamins, proteins, etc. If you cook at an even higher temperature (like grilling), you create char--which is a carcinogenic.

Don?t store or wrap your food in plastic, and never heat food in a plastic wrap or bag. If you can?t avoid your food touching plastic, remove the layer touching the plastic, or at least wash it. Plastic often contains endocrine disruptors that work like the human hormone estrogen. Filter your drinking water. Avoid water from plastic containers, even if it?s filtered. The purity of water sold in plastic containers isn?t tightly regulated, so filtered tap water may be better. I personally recommend using additional micro-elements and micro-nutrients water solutions, if you opt for distilled water.

Try to avoid food contamination from pollution inside your home. Leave your house or apartment if it?s contaminated with mold or yeast. If you smell mold or yeast where you live, you might be in trouble.

Foods to AVOID because they may be toxic:

  • Alcohol, as it increases the conversion of your testosterone into estrogen, and changes the food passage through your stomach, hits your liver, etc.
  • Caffeine, because it increases your heart rate, making your heart work more than it needs to. It also increases the conversion of your testosterone into estrogen.
  • Refined carbohydrates, complex carbs, unless it?s a natural unprocessed fruit. When you eat fresh fruit, its fibers stabilize your sugar levels. If you eat carbs, especially refined carbs, you have a much higher chance of gaining weight. Your fat tissue stores toxins. To rid yourself of toxins, you need to get rid of your fat.
  • Wheat and other gluten-containing grains.

Gluten is a protein, which we aren?t designed to digest properly, as humans were created before agriculture came about. Gluten may create an inflammation in your gut, preventing it from proper digestion and absorption of food. Milk and milk products, because they contain the carbohydrate lactose. You may not think you?re lactose intolerant, but the truth is, once we get past age 1, we may lose the enzyme that digests lactose. Left undigested, lactose becomes food for dangerous bugs and promotes their growth. It also creates a lot of gas in your stomach, therefore disrupting digestion, absorption and food passage.

It isn?t necessary to drink milk for calcium, as suggested by food manufacturers. The same applies to goat?s milk, but to a lesser extent. You can get enough calcium from fruits and green vegetables. It isn?t necessary to eat yogurt either, which is made from milk. If you want more beneficial bacteria, you can drink coconut milk yogurt. Another reason to avoid milk and wheat: if you have trouble with your digestive system, your estrogen clearance may be impaired and can increase your risk of cancer.                  

There are a wide range of drugs you may consider avoiding:

  • Drugs that bring your secretion of hydrochloric acid down, or interfere with its actions, like Prilosec, Prevacid, Pepcid, Mylanta, etc. Take them only if really necessary, and avoid taking them for extended periods time. Consult your doctor before making any health decision.  These medications decrease your HCl production, which prevents you from absorbing vitamins and micro-elements like vitamin magnesium, iron, calcium, etc. Scientific studies suggest that people who suffer from sudden cardiac deaths have low magnesium levels. Also, HCl kills bad bugs where they try to enter your stomach. If you don't have enough HCl, they waltz right in. HCl is also necessary for digestion itself and the activation of digestive enzymes. No HCl ? no digestion - and hence no absorption; resulting in less of the nutrition you need. Also, HCl closes the upper esophageal sphincter, therefore preventing heartburn.
  • Avoid antibiotics for long-term use, unless very necessary. Some antibiotics, not all, can kill the good bacteria in your stomach, therefore creating living space for bad bugs. You may end up with severe gut problems.  Of course take antibiotics if it is really necessary.  Get your doctor?s approval of your health decisions. -- Medication that may be toxic for your liver such as Tylenol. No normal liver function means no detoxification, because the liver plays the first role in the detoxification process.
  • Anti-inflammatory medications like Motrin and Celebrex. Motrin may cause stomach ulcers and severe bleeding. Celebrex is linked to heart disease.
  • Diabetic medications except Glucophage. They bring your sugar levels down, stimulating your appetite and making you eat more. This results in weight gain and therefore makes your diabetes worse.  Of course you should take them if it is really necessary.  Do not stop any of your medications without approval of your doctor. Statins, which are a type of drug that lower cholesterol, like Lipitor, Pravachol, Zocor and others. They may decrease your cholesterol to the point that you cannot produce enough of your s.e.x. hormones and bring up your lipoprotein A level, which can be more dangerous than having high cholesterol. They may also bring down your CoQ10 level. This is dangerous if you have heart failure, because without CoQ 10, your heart cannot generate enough power to push the blood through your blood vessels. Of course, take statins if it is really necessary.  Keep in mind that sometimes fish oil can do at least the same job.  Do not make any health decisions or change your medication regimen without your doctor?s approval.
  • Contraceptives, which disrupt your endocrine system to the extent that you cannot ovulate any more.  You could use condoms instead.

The decision to not take medication needs to be discussed with your doctor, it?s never recommended that you do not take a medication when it is necessary. The question is, ?when is it necessary?? Let you and your doctor find out together.

TAKE A DEEP BREATH It?s important to clean up your air: Clean your house or apartment regularly. Wet cleaning or/and vacuuming is a must. Make sure your bedroom is properly ventilated, especially at night. You can use an air purifier, but make sure it?s shielded (especially at night) to protect you from its electromagnetic field. You can use plants as a natural air purifier, especially in your bedroom. Keep your clothing and bed sheets clean and free of chemicals: use natural soap like liquid castile soap. If you can?t avoid using conventional detergents, make sure you clean your sheets with plenty of water. Avoid a house or apartment with mold, too many rugs, excess moisture, or too many pets. Perfumes are known to have many toxic chemicals from benzyl alcohol, which is a possible carcinogen, to camphor, which is known as a possible cause of convulsions. You can see an interesting list here: Other things to avoid if possible: Living close to manufacturing plants that produce toxic waste (like chemical plants), sewage utilization plants etc. Avoid places with too much traffic. Airplanes are a big source of toxic air because of jet exhaust.

Prevent pollution through your skin by:

  • Avoid using cell phones unless really necessary: in emergencies, etc. Use either the speaker or Bluetooth. Turn off your cell when you don?t need it. Check out this site to see more information:
  • Avoid sun bathing even with sunscreen at this time, but you can do it in moderation before 9 AM and after 6 PM. You can get sun exposure at about noon to produce vitamin D, but it should only be for about 15 minutes only.  
  • Avoid sun exposure from about 9 AM till 6 PM, when you get the most UV rays.  
  • Avoid bed bugs by never sharing sheets or clothing with anyone except your spouse.
  • Use baking soda, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, Borax, liquid castile soap (you can do it yourself--see
  • Use natural oils instead of perfumes, as your body knows how to process natural ingredients. -- Use mineral cosmetics instead of conventional. -- Use hats with wide brims, umbrellas or clothes for sun protection instead of sun screen.
  • Avoid living close to radio towers, cell phone towers, high voltage electric current lines etc.  
  • Avoid using microwaves ( see: for the full story on how typical appliances can harm your health).  
  • Shield yourself from harmful electromagnetic fields-- "electromagnetic smog.? Turn off fuses at night if possible, turn off unnecessary electric devices, use an electromagnetic shield canopy, put aluminum foil under your mattress, etc.  
  • Avoid the toxic person next to you: his electromagnetic field can be toxic to you.  
  • Protect your skin from being exposed to light at nighttime: it may interfere with your melatonin production and hence, your sleep. Turn off any lights in your bedroom: alarm clocks, computer lights, power on or off lights, etc.  
  • Protect your eyes by avoiding too much light, and too much visual stimulation when you drive.  
  • Protect your ears from loud noises. Make sure your bedroom is free of noise: no devices running, ideally walls in your bedroom should be made from noise absorbing material. Consider special noise absorbing shutters.  
  • Don?t leave the TV or radio on unless you?re actively watching or listening. Especially don?t leave them on when you sleep.

Use as little perfume and deodorant as possible. The smell of a woman's or man's body is one of the most potent libido stimulators. The reason our society is odorless is because the vast majority of US population has allergic inflammation in their noses, where the smell receptors are.  The mucosa around them is inflamed, so receptors are over-stimulated.  Therefore, even a natural, good odor can be perceived as offensive.  Think of it this way: if your loved one is caressing your skin, you like it. But what if your skin is burned?  Instead of pleasure, you?ll have pain.  Bottom line: take care of your nose!    


  • Fix your stomach:
  • Drink enough water, which about 8 -- 10 cups a day ( about 2 ? 2.5 liters ) for men older than 18, and about 6 ? 8 cups for women older than 18 ( about 1.5 ? 2 liters ). This amount of water includes juices, soups etc. Consult your doctor before deciding how much water you should drink a day.  Be careful, because drinking too much water can bring your sodium down too low, causing seizures and even death (6).
  • Go to a doctor who specializes in detoxification, because you need to have tests performed to see what the problem is. You can?t detox on your own.
  • Avoid milk, wheat, carbs, alcohol, caffeine and sugar cereals. Limit other dairy products.
  • Eat organic
  • Consult a holistic physician to see if you need any antibiotics for your stomach.
  • The same applies to probiotics: you need to figure out which probiotics you need. Go to a holistic doctor to check your stomach because you need specific intervention. You cannot do it blindly.
  • Eat plenty of fiber -- Soluble and insoluble.Soluble: Readily digested, soluble fiber binds to bile, brings cholesterol down, decreases sugar absorption, and helps with diabetes. It may be used as a food for beneficial bacteria. Examples: apples, pears, plums, broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, legumes etc.Insoluble: Insoluble fiber increases food passage through the stomach. Examples: zucchini, green beans, cauliflower, dark green leafy vegetables, fruit skins, etc.
  • Balance your hormones. For example, low thyroid can cause constipation and toxins to stay in your body.
  • Vitamins and macro- and micro-elements that help with detoxification:Magnesium, copper, zinc, molybdenum, iodine and selenium (necessary for normal thyroid function), glutamine, glutathione, glycine, taurine, cysteine, methionine, SAMe, trimethylglycine, vitamins: niacin, B2, B3, B6, B12, Folate, Niacin, vitamin C.
  • Foods and supplements: rainbow diet, chlorella. Avoid eating excessive fat.
  • Eat enough calories. No calories -- no s.e.x..
  • Stick with a Paleolithic diet.
  • Eat foods high in protein and low in fat.
  • Eat more fruits, vegetables and nuts.Foods that are considered to be aphrodisiacs:AvocadoGinsengAsparagusBananasPine nutsPineapplesNutsTrufflesCitrus


  • Avoid smoking and marijuana and other street drugs, avoid chronic stress.
  • Lose weight if necessary.  Too much fat creates more estrogen than you need, leading to and hormonal imbalance.
  • Be more active.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep. Remember, growth hormone is produced while you are sleeping.  


  • Improve the strength of your pelvic muscles by using Kegel Exercises:  contract your pelvic muscles as if you were stopping urination or defecation for about 3 seconds. Then relax for 3 seconds.  Repeat the cycle 10 -- 15 times.  Do Kegels at least 3 -- 5 times a day.
  • Be in love with your man.  Get help from a s.e.x. therapist if necessary.
  • Tell your man in an honest and open way what makes you happy
  • See a Hormone Specialist or/and Detox Specialist if necessary.
  • Keep your body at its optimal weight. Too much fat can create a hormonal imbalance like estrogen dominance.  


  • Improve the strength of your pelvic muscles by using Kegel Exercises:  contract your pelvic muscles as if you need to stop urination or defecation for about 3 seconds.  Then relax for 3 seconds.  Repeat the cycle for 10 -- 15 times. Do Kegels at least 3 -- 5 times a day.
  • Eat a pomegranate at least once weekly.
  • Wear loose underwear to decrease the temperature of your testicles.-
  • Get enough exposure to the sun, provided that it is safe.
  • Keep your muscle mass balanced. Too much muscle may convert the testosterone into estrogen.
  • Be in love with your woman! -
  • Watermelon helps your body to make nitric oxide which helps blood vessels to dilate, and hence may support your erections.  

IDEAS FOR COUPLES or loving couples, who want to be as passionate as ever:

  • Make sure that you and your loved one?s hormones, neurotransmitters and nutrients are balanced. The important thing here is that is not only you but your loved one should be balanced.
  • Check yourself and your loved one for toxins. Get detox done if necessary
  • Try to be different every time you have s.e.x.   Use different perfumes and clothes. You can even change your appearance by wearing different wigs, or using different places and love making positions. Use your imagination.If you like, you can imitate caveman?s s.e.x. by putting a big mirror close to the place you have s.e.x.. This will create the illusion that you are not alone.

My feeling is that as soon as you and your loved one are balanced and free of toxins, you?ll find the solution you need together.If you have other ideas please let me know.

Good luck!

Disclaimer:This article is not intended to medically advise individuals and should only be used for informational purposes. In addition, this article is not intended to make any health statements. Please consult your primary physician before making any medical decisions.


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