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Fat--and Forgetful?
The root causes of obesity that can contribute to memory problems

If you're like many of us, there are times you've read something and then had trouble recalling it the next day.  Perhaps you ran into someone that you met at a party and struggled to place a name with the face.  Or, the perennial favorite, maybe you've found yourself scouring the house on a regular basis for your car keys, your cell phone, or the grocery list that you had in your hands just a minute ago.

Chances are, you've chalked up these occurrences to old age or the fact that you're juggling so many things at one time.  But what if they were due to something else?  What if your weight was an underlying factor in your long- and short-term memory challenges?

We can offer a solution to this problem that can be especially vexing for accountants, business people and individuals who deal daily with facts and figures.  By addressing the root causes of obesity, we can support memory preservation with informed, actionable tactics.

We suggest to our patients taking a good look at some of the physiological reasons that you might be overweight.  One of the most common culprits is hormonal imbalance ? specifically, your thyroid hormone.  Regarded as the chief of metabolism, the thyroid maintains such vital bodily processes as body weight, heart rate, breathing, muscle strength, cholesterol levels and menstrual cycles.  If your thyroid hormone is too low, your body slows down, making it easier to gain and retain excess weight.  While you?re checking your thyroid levels, see if your thyroid hormone function is being blocked by any abnormal substances.

In addition to hormonal imbalances, a compromised digestive system can be an underlying factor for obesity.  Go with your gut and make sure everything is working smoothly by addressing any intestinal microbiota problems your physician may discover.  

If you are overweight, your physical condition can definitely impact your mental state.  Obesity can lead to sleep apnea which can trigger hypoxia, or lack of oxygen to the brain.  It can also coincide with lipid metabolism problems that can cause clogged arteries in the brain.  Both situations can trigger a lack of much-needed oxygen and nutrients to the cognitive area that can result in memory loss.

Shedding extra pounds through a well-balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and cold water fish can certainly help you look better in front of a mirror or at the beach in a swimsuit.  But it also might make a difference in your recalling those things you want to remember, such as your spouse?s birthday, the lyrics to your favorite song or where you left your glasses.  When you think about it, the importance of having a dependable memory is something none of us can afford to forget.