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FDA tries to cure obesity with dangerous weight loss surgery. Is surgery the only option?
FDA Looking To Approve Dangerous Surgery for Million More Americans

Where do we stop when it comes to getting skinny? That?s often the question we ask when looking at a picture of a gaunt supermodel that we will never know, whose look we will never achieve. Or, we ask it when we hear about Hollywood and eating disorders. But recently, the government is jumping in on trying to cure the obesity problem in the United StatesIt it not with methods to improve our diets, healthier and safer options, and guidelines, but instead, by looking into approving lap band procedure for millions more Americans.

According to this article in the New York Times ( the potentially deadly surgery is now an option for people with a BMI (body mass index) of 40% or 35% is there is another medical condition, such as diabetes.

The new considerations are 35% BMI or 30% with another condition. As the article points out, this may not mean a lot when you hear percentages, but this would mean that a woman who was 5?6? would now only have to weigh 186 lbs in order to qualify. This is ridiculous:First, companies make money on selling us bad, processed, and dangerous foods, then they make money on making the devices, then on the surgery, then on medication for life to monitor you.

There is a simpler, and more natural solution to getting to your goal weight and staying there. You need to eat the right foods, for obvious reasons. We encourage a cave-man diet of lean meats, green vegetables, and fruit. No carbs, no wheat, no dairy. The meats should be organic. Your water should be distilled. Reduce your stress. Stress makes us eat more, makes us make quick and unhealthy choices. Make sure that you get a good night?s sleep. Sleep helps to regenerate our neurotransmitters, and if you don?t do that, you can?t function.

Another thing you need is motivation. You could possibly need dopamine support, in the form of neurotransmitter balancing. dopamine support can help you take the lead, accept the challenge to change your weight, and follow through. One last option, which I have just tried myself, is fasting for three days to reset your body and your mind. Fasting for three days will help you to better understand what hunger really is, what you really need to survive, and it will also help you to appreciate the tastes, smells and sight of food in a way you haven?t.