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Health Checklist for Women over 40
In addition to medical procedures, what vital nutrients your body needs now

When you get to a ?certain age,? you start thinking about your body in an entirely new way. 


For example, you may notice achy joints, bad knees and sore muscles that can?t just be blamed on a good workout.  The fine lines in your face may be surpassed by wrinkles and age spots.  Maybe your reflexes and memory aren?t as sharp as they used to be ? what was the name of that song again?  And if you?re a woman who has left her 30s en route to her 50s, you?ll most likely get an onslaught of new medical recommendations the next time you get your annual physical.


Your doctor may advise you about certain procedures that need to become top of mind.  While you?ve probably had regular pap smears and pelvic exams since your early 20s, now that you?re twice as old, annual mammograms are more relevant.  And your first colonoscopy will be here before you know it.

Sounds like you?re well-covered on the medical front.  But what can you do, from a nutritional perspective, once you reach that important age milestone?


The answer could be as simple as what you put in your mouth.  As an advocate of safe, responsible medicine, we recognize that our dietary needs change as we get older, and that often the answer to common ailments can be simply balancing hormones and vitamin intakes.


?  Vitamin C

A lemon a day may not keep the doctor away, but some women swear that it works miracles on their complexions. Lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits all pack vitamin C, a power-packed antioxidant that is important for tissue growth and repair.  It can also give support to protect against a litany of health issues, including cancer, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and ? yes ? skin wrinkling.


? Iodine + Selenium

This dynamic duo work well synergistically to maintain good thyroid health.  Both trace minerals, iodine is a necessary nutrient for the thyroid, and selenium helps the body recycle iodine.  Because they work so well together, when there?s a deficiency in one or both minerals, thyroid function can be impaired.


? Vitamin B Complex

The letter B?s presence at the beginning of the alphabet also indicates its importance in the vitamin hierarchy.  While its main collective job is to create energy from the food we eat, each of its inherent eight vitamins also has key responsibilities.  From preventing memory loss and reducing stress to promoting healthy skin and preventing early aging, their applicability for women over 40 is undeniable.


? Magnesium

A major mineral, magnesium also plays a major role in many critical body functions.  Its many roles include cholesterol production, heart health, muscle relaxation, energy production and nutrient metabolism.  Magnesium also supports strong bones and teeth by monitoring the body?s use of calcium, and may also give you support to help stave off certain age-related medical conditions.


? Vitamin D + Calcium + Vitamin K2


Speaking of calcium, this trio plays especially well together in strengthening teeth and bones ? the latter of which is particularly timely for women 40+ who are worried about osteopenia and osteoporosis.  In addition to their bone- and teeth-boosting properties, both vitamin D and calcium may give you support to help prevent diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure.  Vitamin K2 joins the party to create a robust digestive system, thereby helping ensure that calcium is delivered where it?s needed the most. 


As a holistic specialist, I am a firm believer that good foods equate to good health.  I believe that certain nutrients can be underlying factors for specific health concerns, which can then help effectively address those particular ailments. While this strategy has worked extremely well in my practice for decades, I recommend discussing the above information-only suggestions with your physician to make sure they?re right for you.


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