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IV Vitamin and IV Nutrition in Brooklyn, NYC and Long Island
A pill just can't do what IV vitamin and IV nutrition therapy can do.

Therapy is available in NYC and Long Island.

Chances are, you take a multivitamin every day. Maybe a handful of vitamins. But if you still feel tired, achy, weak and rundown, you could actually have a vitamin deficiency. (Think about it. When was the last time you had your vitamin and mineral levels checked? Specifically, when did you last check your vitamin B1, B6, Vitamin D or chromium levels?)

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies and their risks

Deficiencies can cause problems that range from subclinical (undetectable) illnesses to very serious conditions such as heart arrhythmias.

Why might you be deficient? Your body may not be absorbing nutrients properly. This can happen if you have stomach problems or if you've undergone treatment for diseases such as cancer, which interfere with your ability to absorb nutrition. And you could simply just not be taking the right vitamins.

The Answer could be IV Vitamin and IV Nutrition Infusions. Why Intravenous?

  • IV infusion works quickly, because it bypasses the liver and goes right to the blood stream
  • IV therapy is more powerful than pills, because higher doses of vitamins and nutrients can be administered
  • IV nutrition therapy could detoxify your body
  • It could get antioxidants into your system
  • It could support your immune system

IV infusions we do most often:

  •  IV vitamin C
  •  IV glutathione
  •  IV vitamin B complex
  •  IV nutrition

IV Infusions could build a healthier you

  • A stronger immune system
  • Better absorption of vitamins and nutrients
  • More energy

The Truths Behind the Myths

Some people doubt the power of vitamins to treat illness. But the fact is, vitamins are a very well recognized approach to treating devastating illnesses such as scurvy, Korsakov syndrome, as well as neuropathy and dementia caused by B12 deficiencies.

Other people claim that the effectiveness of vitamins has not been proven.

The truth is that dosages are often not high enough to correct deficiencies.  For example, the recommended dosage of vitamin D is 600 units a day. In many doctors' experience, the optimum level to correct deficiencies may need to be as high as 4 to 6 thousand units. In other words, people may not get helped because their dosages are too low.

We do not, however, claim that our vitamins will work miracles! We will tell you that our success rate to support your body with IV vitamin and nutrition therapy is approximately 60%.

Let us support you with the vitamins and nutrients you need. Give us a call or visit us at our Long Island, NY or Brooklyn location! We are easily accessible from any borough in New York City, whether you're from Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, or the Bronx.

Why Sergey Kalitenko MD?

Sergey Kalitenko MD is licensed in New York State and certified by the Board of Internal Medicine. He specializes in looking for the root cause of your problem. He treats the underlying cause instead of just taking care of your symptoms, so you feel more like yourself again.