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Depression diet

Foods that fight depression.

Some causes of depression include low thyroid, stress, toxins, and lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol, and sugar-heavy diets.

Sergey Kalitenko MD’s suggestions:

  • Eat more high-fiber foods like vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds.
  • Consider eating more vegetarian meals.
  • Consume more cold-water fish like salmon and cod, as long as they’re not contaminated with mercury or other toxins.
  • Eat complex carbs, such as potatoes, before bedtime to perhaps improve mood and sleep.
  • Stick to organic foods, grass-fed beef, and cage-free poultry.

It’s important to explore the possible causes of your depression, such as neurotransmitter imbalances, hormone imbalances or vitamin deficiencies, so the cause can be treated. 

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