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From Checking For Hormonal Imbalance

There are various effects of obesity that links us to diseases, early death; it makes us unhealthy, more susceptible to illness and terrible things in our lives. We know, as a people, that obesity will kill us. We know that people who lose weight reduce the amount of medication that they are on, feel better, work harder, and are stronger, emotionally balanced and overall happier.

But, a recent article on also suggests a link between obesity and memory, the more likely you are to have a bad memory. Can this be true? Yes, it is true! What can we do to make ourselves as healthy as we can be?

The article is written about a study that finds that different kinds of fat release different cytokines -- the hormones that can cause inflammation and affect cognition. What?s also interesting to know is that this memory loss affects pear shaped women more than it does apple shaped women. One explanation for this is that pear shaped bodies, as well, are linked to hormonal imbalance. And once again, our connection comes back to the natural balance of our bodies. There are so many ways in which we show that if we balance our hormones, we can balance ourselves and become healthier, even later in our lives.

Wouldn?t it be worth it to know that we could help our memories, and possibly save ourselves and our children so much suffering in the future, as well as be on less medication that might just cure the symptoms and not do anything healthy for our bodies? Do you feel like your memory is getting worse? Are you embarrassed that you can?t always be at your best as work? Are you worried that you may suffer from dementia or Alzheimer?s or any other effects of obesity in the future? Are you overweight? It might be beneficial for you to get your hormone levels checked!