Submitted by sergey on Fri, 07/08/2022 - 00:45
Is Obesity a Result of Poverty or Food Marketing?

If you can't afford to eat natural and organic foods, there is not doubt you will obese. People who are poor can't help but be unhealthy and, for some, obese, because the quality of the foods theuy are taking in are deplorable. It's hard to disagree with that. As a matter of fact a congressional challenge in the 2010 actually resulted in unexpected findings. Several Congress people were asked to try and live on a food stamp diet, meaning only spend what would normally be given per week in food stamps, for 7 days, in order to raise awareness about hunger and budget cuts. But what resulted was also a lesson in the quality of food available to you at low costs. High salt, high sugar, fake products. Most saw themselves gain weight living off of staples like soup and powdered macaroni and cheese, or peanut butter and jelly. And isn't it interesting that these same cheap foods also happen to be the most popular. Are food companies really marketing to us with cheap, calorie and fat laden foods in efforts to get us addicted? So now the question is, what are the real causes of obesity and can we afford to eat healthy? (2) Yes, we can! If you are eating right, and the correct amount of fat, calories and meat, without the temptation of all the junk you buy, you will actuslly see your bill go down! Even though the prices of specific foods may be more expensive, you are eating less, and therefore spending less as well. When you eat right your sugar will not go up and down. We are not designed to eat processed food. Our sugar goes up too fast and too high causing insulin to go up. The result is that sugar goes down too much causing hunger.  Therefore we eat too much.  Note that not all cheap foods are processed foods: there are apples, bananas and simple meat on the bone. In the end it is not cheap food, it is processed food that causes obesity, DM and HTN. Practical ways to prevent obesity: Stop eating processed food. Prepare food yourself, apply as little heat as possible, provided that it is safe. Avoid milk and milk products, wheat and processed carbs like candies, juices, cakes, etc. Eat organic: fresh fruits, vegetables, etc. Make sure that you get enough microelements and vitamins.  Even organic food does not guarantee that you get adequate microelements because the soil may be depleted.  This does not mean that you need to take multivitamins, because that can be harmful, too. You need to find out what you need. Fix your gut to ensure that you absorb what you eat: your gut and digestion should work very efficiently to lower your food costs, absorb all nutrients and reduce the workload on your gut. Hence, the obesity can be the result of food marketing or poverty, but its root cause is your eating habits and lifestyle. So, change it stay fit and healthy. References: (1) (2)