Submitted by sergey on Sun, 07/03/2022 - 18:51
What Hollywood Stars Do to Lose Weight

Even though they have more resources, they face the same problems, as we, ordinary people do.  Too much weight for example. Like re Alley or Kate Winslet or Star Jones.  So what are they doing about their weight management?The first option is to do nothing or do not that much.  Looks like Kristie Alley is not determined enough to loose her weight - so far no significant results.

The second option is to do everything possible to loose weight, but not always.  Looks like Kate Winslow has her ups and downs, but in comparison with her weight when she was a kid, I think she?s doing a good job.

The third option is to do everything possible all the time. It can be done by dieting or exercising like Angelina Jolie, or by getting surgery done, like Star Jones. To me the natural way is better. What is your choice?