Submitted by sergey on Sun, 07/03/2022 - 18:51
Why you may be at higher risk for losing your uterus than European women

Going to major surgery is not a pleasant thing at all, especially if it is because of a dangerous health condition. Like going for hysterectomy ( uterus removal ), which is the second in the United States GYN surgical procedures done after C section. But can we avoid it at least in some cases..

If you do not know how to do it, then may be we should learn what European women are doing about it, because the hysterectomy rate in Europe is much lower, then in he US ( except Finland ).

How did it happen? May be european women have uterus, different from the US women's? I doubt it. So what may be the reason, that their uteruses are healthier?

One of the most common reasons of uterine problems are uterine fibroids, linked to estrogen dominance. This happens when women start loosing their progesterone which is the first hormone to loose, creating the increase of estrogen to progesterone ratio.

As all of us know, bioidentical hormone replacement is much more popular in Europe, then in the US. This may explain why you are at increased risk for loosing your uterus, if you live in the US. But is you want to get your health back, may be you should consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?