Bioidentical Hormones Associated with Lower Cancer Risks

Bioidentical hormones are linked to lower cancer risks

A comprehensive analysis of medical studies and literature, performed by Holtorf Medical group in California and published in January 2009 in Postgraduate Medicine has just announced that bioidentical hormones are safer than traditional HRT.

The study showed that bioidentical hormones are associated with lower risks, including the risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease, and are more effective than their synthetic and animal-derived counterparts. Until evidence is found to the contrary, bioidentical hormones remain the preferred method of HRT. Further randomized controlled trials are needed to delineate these differences more clearly. (full article available at

But what do we do if we do not have long-term studies so far? Dr. Speroff, the founder and former director of the Women?s Health Research Unit at Oregon Health and Science University, says ?I always tell clinicians, that until we have definite randomized trial data -- which we may never have -- whatever the patient wants to do is the correct decision". One of the most respected GYN doctors in the country, he is a sub-specialist in reproductive endocrinology and has done extensive work on clinical trials.

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