Do Not Completely Rely On The USDA Stamp Of Approval

But Do Most Even Know What It Means?

When we go to the supermarket we look forthe USDA stamp of approval on an egg carton, correct? I think that many of us do it without even thinking. Well, according to the Wall Street Journal article, most of us don?t really even know what the USDA food stamp means, but we put our trust in it that the USDA has approved this item for consumption, However, the truth about the stamp and how blindly we trust can be shocking.

The recent salmonella outbreak in our eggs did scare us as a society, sure, but did it change the way that we bought or researched our food. Probably not. Chances are that most of us assumed that the FDA and USDA were handling it, and that it would be taken care of soon. What could we really do but sit around and wait for the news to tell us it?s ok to buy eggs again?

But, did you know that the USDA really doesn?t regulate the safety of the eggs that you buy? The seal you see stamped on it serves a couple of purposes:
? It means that there was an inspector on hand to check the size and color of the eggs (NOT FOR BACTERIA)
? USDA food stamps on the eggs mark it as United States eggs, which is a marketing tool to help sell product.

So, where is the safety check? Truth is, there is none!
If we are healthy, as a whole, we can technically eat raw meat, though we would never encourage it. If we eat properly, if our stomachs have enough acid to kill the bacteria, we should be able to consume raw meat without getting sick. But even Pepto Bismol, Pepcid, or any product that kills acid in the stomach will make us more vulnerable to getting sick.

What can we do to stay healthy and take charge of our own health?

We can eat natural foods, organic meat and eggs. Grass fed beef is much better for you as well, as is free range chicken. Sure, you may pay a little  more for natural and organic foods, but the benefits are numerous.
Don?t take heartburn medication, which will bring the acids in your stomach down, unless it is really necessary. Instead, eat a healthier diet so your stomach acid will balance itself out.
The best advice is to be educated in what you are buying. Don?t automatically believe that a stamp means that you can trust it 100 percent. Be mindful of your own health and body!

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