What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a constant, unpleasant feeling of possible threat. It affects nerves, stress level and basic disposition, truly taking a toll on the body. Anxiety could be caused by dysfunction in the amygdala, the part of the brain that is responsible for fear. Many pharmaceutical drugs are available to treat this condition, but the actual mechanism of action in these chemical - filled drugs is unknown.

Feeling anxious can be a normal reaction, but if the extent and duration of anxiety is more than normal and interferes with work and family matters, then it becomes a problem. An anxiety disorder could take over your life. But the good news is that you can get help. And it doesn't necessarily have to come from a bottle of pills.

Some people believe anxiety comes from poor diet and digestive system health. This may be true. But what if anxiety episodes are caused by unrecognized heart problems or tumors? That's where the holistic medicine approach comes in.

Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Do you feeling anxious all the time?

  • Are you often nervous when you should feel relaxed?

  • Does your heart rate increase over what should be minor stressors (such as traffic jams, shopping lines or crowded spaces)?

  • Is it difficult to make decisions about everyday occurrences (such as going to the grocery store, where to eat, what time to pick someone up, etc.)?

Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety can be caused by internal or external forces. Being overworked, relationship issues or money concerns can cause anxiety to skyrocket. Living in or near a busy urban environment such as New York City - whether in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, or the Bronx -  can compound stress. But there are also health conditions that stem from inside that can be causing the anxiety. Here are some common causes of anxiety:

Solutions for Anxiety

If you're looking for a healthy anxiety treatment in Brooklyn, NYC or Long Island, NY, Dr. Kalitenko may be the holistic doctor you've been looking for. Once he is able to get to know a patient's lifestyle and look at their entire physical, mental and emotional health situation, then he is better able to determine the root cause of anxiety. At the root of the problem may be another issue that seemingly has nothing to do with the anxiety. But the body is a complex puzzle, with all of its pieces touching one another. Leave one piece out, and the puzzle doesn't make sense.

Once the root cause(s) is discovered, then Dr. Kalitenko can work with the patient to address this issue and give you the support you need to fight anxiety. This support could all be done without swallowing any anti-anxiety pills.

Benefits of Holistic Anxiety Treatment

Dr. Kalitenko sees no reason to live a life under extreme anxiety or filled with anxiety attacks. With his individualized holistic treatment, you will be able to finally live a normal life without chronic medication.

If you are feeling anxious all of the time, you can benefit from our holistic approach to get the support you need to:

  • Feel calmer

  • Be more relaxed

  • Learn better stress management techniques

  • Sleep better

  • Feel balanced and strong