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I’d like to say thank you to Dr. Kalitenko and his staff for helping me to fight the disease. Dr. Kalitenko is very knowledgeable & looking into the cause of disease and not the treating surface of it. The tests we did showed efieciency in blood, urine and stool & helped to determine the cause of treatment. I feel much better since it started to get treatment in Dr. Kalitenko’s office. I will recommend everyone to come to this office and check the core of your health.


When I first came to Dr. Kalitenko, I was worried and unsure as to what a holistic doctor even does. But after my first visit I was informed and feeling good about what he could do for me. I was feeling under the weather and my OB/GYN doctor had told me I couldn?t take any more hormone replacement drugs. After my visit with Dr. Kalitenko, I found that I could eliminate my stress and tiredness. My whole life changed! I began to feel better and my body showed signs of improvement almost immediately. I am very thankful and appreciative of all the help I have received while under his care. I would recommend him to all my family and friends.

Mrs. M.-S

It?s been a great experience coming to Dr. Kalitenko. His staff, especially Margaret, is knowledgeable and kind. I started the bio-identical biostimulator treatments. By the time I finished the treatments, my sunken cheeks looked fuller, and my face and skin looked more youthful, looking more like they did 5 to 7 years ago. The texture and color of my skin showed big improvement, too. I?ll definitely continue visiting Dr. Kalitenko for any cosmetic and anti-aging procedures, because his skills and knowledge are outstanding.  I know I found the right doctor, because not only understands outer beauty, he also focuses on inner wellness, giving me advice about how to eat and take care of my body. I definitely recommend Dr. Kalitenko to anyone who wants to look younger without surgery.


Some of Dr. Kalitenko’s techniques were outside my normal belief system.  However skeptical I was, I kept an open mind. My health, mood, sleep, business and every aspect of my life continues to improve. When I say everything was improved, I mean everything. And now I totally trust in what he is doing. The proof is in the pudding and I am the pudding. I continue to drive three hours each way from Massachusetts to see Dr. Kalitenko every two months.


I have never had a doctor care so much about getting me better. Dr.Kalitenko’s passion and kindness really makes a difference and I greatly appreciate him. 


When I was considering coming to Dr. Kalitenko, I was afraid his services would be expensive…But his treatments were worth every dollar I paid…If I went somewhere cheap, I would only pay more in the long run and get bad results.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Kalitenko to my friends and family.


It was difficult to find a doctor who has knowledge about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement.  Also I was concerned about total mind and body healing.  But after getting his treatment I have found that I have much more energy and I am getting hormonal and mind and body balance.  I like that Dr. Kalitenko designed a course of treatment that was specifically tailored to my individual needs, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach that others provide.  What I especially like are: the goal of his treatment is long term success, instead of a temporary fix, affordable prices, and the care and concern for my well being.  Would I recommend him to my friends and family? YES I WOULD!

Mrs. A. W.-G

I want to tell everybody about Doctor Kalitenko. He is a good, attentive and caring person as well as a specialist in his field. We need more people like him.


I went to Dr. Kalitenko’s office for vitamin therapy. I had been feeling very sluggish and my skin just looked dry and broken. I must say that my experience was excellent! He knows his stuff and doesnt mind a million questions. He is very kind and charming. I have no problems with my insurance because I currently dont have any. So i havent been getting suprise charges, I know what I   am responsible for. 

I was nervous at first cause I hate shots but he reasurred me so much that I never feel the needle when it goes in. I get the Myers cocktail shot and magnesium along with Glutathione. I have really been seeing the results. I have a lot more engery, my bowel movements are finally regular and my skin looks great! My co-workers ask how do i make my face glow (which Glutathione will do) and I use no makeup (b/c of sensitive skin). Overall a great experience, i really recommend vitamim treatmemt, do your research first and see what you need.

Arianna Queens

I was skeptical about Bioidentical Hormone Replacement?Therapy, but because I was having hot flashes, fatigue, and could not sleep, I decided to come. On Dr. Kalitenko’s advice, I started Bioidentical Hormones and now my hot flashes are better and I can sleep through the night.


I found that Dr. Kalitenko expects the most optimum results possible for his patients. He also expects that patients fully commit to improving your own health, even if you have to give up old habits or favorite foods.  Dr. Kalitenko really listens and is straightforward.  He explores everything and ignores nothing. I have told others that Dr. Kalitenko is the first doctor they will meet who will look to get to the bottom of their problem, not just give a prescription and send you on your way.

Cindy A

After hearing about bio-identical treatment I started my search for a doctor who would understand my problems (not an easy task as the good ones are few and far between and some are incredibly expensive), I found Dr. K. Well, what a surprise. Before he would even prescribe anything he wanted to know everything about me. He asked questions no other doctor has ever asked, and makes sure I understand what he said. Dr. K has been invaluable to my husband and I in so many ways. If you want great health Dr K is by far the best doctor we have ever worked with, his approach is the whole person not just one thing…


Dr. Kalitenko is a very knowledgeable and caring doctor.  He took time answering all my health questions and concerns.  The staff is very friendly and courteous.  I came to see him with a chronic problem and I can see the improvement in my health.  I am truly impressed by him and I am thankful he is practicing in my area.