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If you’ve noticed a loss of muscle, even though you haven’t changed your workout routine, you should be concerned. Loss of muscle usually starts slowly, so it often goes unnoticed. You may ignore some extra tiredness after a regular workout. But eventually, muscle loss progresses and you start to notice that what used to be muscle has turned to fat.

Loss of muscle mass is detrimental not only for cosmetic reasons but because it may suggest a serious underlying health problem, like an inability to digest and/or absorb nutrients. Or it may be hormonal imbalance, most likely a lack of the male hormone testosterone, which is necessary for building and maintaining healthy muscle mass.

There are several possible causes of muscle loss:

  • Hormonal imbalance, usually age-related. This is most often a lack of testosterone.
  • Inadequate nutrition due to digestive system problems or a poorly designed diet.
  • Idiopathic, or unknown, causes.

The good news is that muscle mass can be restored by finding and correcting the root cause of your muscle loss. With proper diagnosis, we can offer you a plan, based on a natural approach, that could restore the muscle tone you want.

Treatments that may give you the support you need to help you correct problems:

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Why Sergey Kalitenko MD?

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