Holistic Doctor in Brooklyn, NYC and Long Island

Dr. Sergey Kalitenko, MD never gave holistic medicine a second thought until he needed it to save his life. In his mid forties, he developed heart problems. At first he thought his only option was to be medicated for the rest of his life. Then a friend turned him toward holistic medicine.  Not only did he heal, he was able to feel better than ever. He realized then how effective functional and holistic practices can be. Applying functional medicine and alternative medicine to Dr. Kalitenko his own boy is like tasting food you make. Can you make a good tasty food without tasting it yourself?  Yes, you can. But tasting it yourself is always better.

As you may know, holistic medicine uses natural treatments to restore the whole person instead of just relieving one symptom or another. Contemporary medicine is so advanced that we can?t ignore the fact that our body systems are interconnected.  In the past, doctors had to focus on one organ or system for treatment. With expanded medical knowledge, we now know there are links everywhere.  Clogged arteries may be linked to teeth issues. Obesity may be linked to altered microbiota.

Basically, the body is like an intricate spider web of interconnected parts. If there is an issue in one part, it will likely affect others. Holistic medicine takes this into account. It treats the root of the issues instead of temporarily relieving symptoms. Dr. Kalitenko likes to compare holistic medicine to a leaky roof. Instead of just putting a small patch on the ceiling, you would want to find out where the leak is coming from: a broken pipe, a bad roof, an overflowing bathtub. To do that you need to look at the building as a whole, not just concentrating on pipes or roof only. The source of the issue needs to be fixed before the issue will go away for good.

After Dr. Kalitenko’s own experience with holistic health and medicine, he opened up a personal practice in 2001. Excited to offer patients another option, he works hard to find the source of problems in every person. He take as much as several hours with each patient to assure we both get all of the information he needs. To achieve the best accuracy, he only uses the top labs in the United States. He is determined and will do everything he can to help you be the healthiest human you can be.

However, natural medicine shouldn’t be seen as a “quick fix” nor can it promise miracles.  Because there are no chemicals involved, we cannot make up a magic potion to offer your body. But since we do use quality tests, Dr. Kalitenko can figure out exactly what your body is craving or what toxins are present. While Dr. Kalitenko cannot promise to help everybody, he is successful with the majority of his patients, but you must stay as persistent and curious about your own health as he is.

Finding the source of health problems isn’t always easy, but it is so much more effective in the long run.  The best concept of holistic medicine is the idea of preventative treatment.  If you will be at risk for a health issue in the future, why not take simple, natural precautions to avoid it now? It seems silly to wait for the sickness to take over your body. That’s why Dr. Kalitenko promotes wellness, not illness. He specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, hormone imbalances, intravenous therapy (IV therapy)alternative cancer treatmentsdetoxification, anti-age medicine, and lyme disease.

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It is responsible of you to choose a responsible practice.

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