The Center of Holistic Medicine exists simply to support patients’ health as effectively and safely as possible. Dr. Kalitenko zeros in on the people, not just their diseases. The Center administers a range of treatments and uses the best labs in the United States to determine what steps need to be taken to get patients to prime health. Sergey Kalitenko MD, who runs the center, uses only natural substances and treatments as much as medically possible. These treatments may include nutritional aids, vitamins, hormones, lifestyle recommendations, and sleep support.

There are a lot of buzz words flying around these days for different types of medicine: alternative, functional, holistic, conventional, complementary. But in the end, there is only one type of medicine you should be seeking. It’s called “good medicine.” That’s what Dr. Kalitenko strives for at the Center for Holistic Medicine in Brooklyn, NYC and Long Island.


Holistic medicine is a type of medical approach where the doctor focuses more on the well-being of the whole person instead of just treating one symptom or body system. It is different from alternative medicine where only alternative approaches and treatments are allowed. In contrast, holistic medicine can use natural, alternative, and conventional treatments–whatever will be best to fix the problem. Dr. Kalitenko also uses Functional Medicine approach, addressing the root cause of your problem. Holistic doctors are more concerned with taking time to find exactly what the patients’ bodies need.

Some people believe that holistic medicine is simply a responsible medicine. It promotes wellness instead of illness. It’s less about selling corporate products and more focused on addressing the true issues of the patient. The Center of Holistic Medicine, located near New York City, strives to locate the actual cause of the health problems and alleviate it.


  • Do you feel lethargic? Moody? Depressed?

  • Are you suffering from weight gain? Sleep deprivation? Fatigue?

  • Have you become forgetful? Irritable? Are you lashing out against loved ones or strangers?

These may all be signals your body is sending you, letting you know that something is off-balance.

At the Center of Holistic Medicine, we will do everything possible to get to the root of your symptoms. Looking at the whole picture can often produce very different results than looking at one specific area. A symptom in one part of the body could be actually leading us to a different one. All of the organs and elements of the body are connected. Once we can learn to see the body as an entire, multi-functioning unit, then we can make more concrete discoveries about health and wellness. This is what holistic health is all about.

We believe the most important service should be preventative care — teaching people how to care for and balance their bodies to prevent future disasters. Holistic medicine is not emergency medicine. If you are experiencing severe symptoms that may require an emergency care doctor, please do not hesitate to get urgent care. However, in order to deal with chronic or persistent conditions, patients may benefit more from a preventive and functional approach like holistic medicine.


There is an old joke. Two older men are standing in the street exchanging health advice. The first guy brags, “I use a dermatologist for my skin, a cardiologist for my heart, a neurologist for my brain, and a urologist for my kidneys.” The second guy nods his head, seemingly impressed, and then replies, “Yeah, but the question is, do they talk to each other?”

At the Center for Holistic MedicineDr. Kalitenko keeps track of the entire person, inside and out. Patients are encouraged to listen to their bodies and pay attention to the signs it gives them. The body may send itself messages in the form of aches and pains, mood swings, or a simple persistent headache. All of these are clues. Dr. Kalitenko uses these clues in addition to any necessary tests to help his patients reach optimal health. This idea of trusting the natural signs and treating them in the most natural way possible is one of the foundations of the Center for Holistic Medicine.


Often, people don’t think about holistic medicine until they run into health problems that can’t be solved by conventional medicine. Conventional, or traditional, medicine is a great tool to resolve specific problems like acute appendicitis, heart attack or stroke. It’s also great for patients who are not willing to change their lifestyle at all. But when there are issues that can’t be solved by the book, traditional medicine’s results may not be as consistent. Patients often find themselves on medications to treat symptoms of other medications they’re taking, which lead to different health problems completely, becoming a long, deathly process.

Long-term problems like diabetes, chronic pain, or unexplained health issues may need a different approach at the Center for Holistic Medicine. We focus on finding the root cause of your problem, prevention and on the relationships of the body’s elements. More often than one would think, the cause of one problem lies within another part of the body. We call this addressing the root cause of the health challenges.


Let’s use an example of a patient suffering from intense headaches that are so severe, he or she has to strain to concentrate and is highly sensitive to bright lights. If conventional treatment fails and the headaches persist, then a hormonal imbalance could be to blame. If lab results show that the patient could be off hormonally, Dr. Kalitenko would test the hormone levels and then try to balance them.  If the headaches still show no signs of letting up, sometimes more natural treatments like detoxification and nutrition will do the trick. If the issue continues to persist, the root cause may be a problem with the sinuses, like polyps. Let’s say it turns out that the patient is suffering from polyps in the end. Then the solution wouldn’t be pills, like conventional doctors might prescribe, but surgery!

Finding the root cause can take time, but the final result of discovering the true source of your troubles makes the process worth every minute. If you are experiencing any sort of persistent condition, call the Center for Holistic Medicine today whether you are located in any borough of NYC–Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx–or beyond. We promise to do everything in our power to get to the bottom of your issue and put you back at the top.