If all you know about Vitamin C is that you get it from citrus fruits, you’re just peeling the top layer off the proverbial orange.  Attend a free educational seminar at our two convenient New York city-area locations, and discover how vitamin C IV therapy can support your immune system especially if you have cancer like prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, etc.:

March 28, 6 p.m.    2158 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11229     (718) 382-9200

March 29, 6 p.m.    425 Northern Blvd., Great Neck, NY 11021     (516) 467-0253

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Haven’t we all heard the catch phrases:  “you are what you eat” and we need to “eat across the rainbow?”  We know that to properly fuel our bodies for optimal functionality, our menus need to include a variety of high-protein foods and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

But chances are few of us are getting the essential vitamins and minerals that we need – even if we take daily supplements to compensate for our often less-than-healthy food choices.  And if we happen to have cancer or another debilitating condition, we need a consistent influx of vitamins that much more.

That’s where vitamin IV therapy comes in.  Dr. Sergey Kalitenko, a holistic practitioner with convenient offices in Brooklyn and Long Island, has decades of experience in this highly specialized area.  With a whole-body approach to health and well-being, he knows a lot about intravenous vitamin infusions: what they are, how they should be administered, and most importantly, how to customize this type of vitamin enhancement on a patient-by-patient basis.

Let’s focus on vitamin C IV therapy for cancer patients, as that essential vitamin is not only crucial for a myriad of daily bodily functions but can also be a powerful tool in addressing the specialized nutritional needs of cancer patients. An essential nutrient found in citrus fruits and vegetables, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can boost the immune system, promote collagen production, reduce stress, promote positive moods, and increase energy levels.  Not bad for one vitamin!

But what if can’t get all the vitamin C our bodies need from just healthy foods and vitamin supplements?  Even if we do, our bodies will most likely excrete any excess since they can only retain up to 250 mg per day.  Cancer patients like prostate cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer patients, for example, need high doses of this essential vitamin to help mitigate the effects of chemotherapy and treat terminal cancers.  And since they’re most likely unable to swallow pills, it makes it especially daunting to get them the vitamins they so desperately need.

That’s where vitamin C IV therapy, administered by a trained, licensed practitioner like Dr. Kalitenko, can help.  Through intravenous injection, IV nutrition therapy bypasses the liver and digestive system completely – delivering the needed nutrients directly into the blood stream.  Not only do patients receive quicker relief and faster results, this unique delivery method permits the high-volume administration of key vitamins and nutrients.

Because needed nutrients are injected directly into the veins and are undiluted by the digestive process, patients receive quicker relief and results.  Intravenous vitamin infusion allows the high-dose administration of key bioavailable nutrients, like vitamin C, straight to cells, tissues and organs – helping ensure the body gets the nutrition it needs to function and heal.  As an added bonus, vitamin C can be enriched with other vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of vitamin C IV therapy, sign up for one of our two free educational seminars today.  They’re offered at both our Brooklyn or Long Island offices, so chances are there’s one just a train or subway ride away.


Speaker Information

Board certified in Internal Medicine, Sergey Kalitenko MD graduated from Donetsk Medical Institute in the Ukraine, later serving as an emergency care physician and head of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Department of the Donetsk Clinical Hospital.  After moving to the United States, Dr. Kalitenko finished his medical residency in Brooklyn, New York, was Board Certified in Internal Medicine, and became a staff physician at a teaching hospital to support both in-patient and out-patient care. In 2001, he decided he could better serve patients through his own practice, utilizing a functional and holistic approach to traditional medicine at his two convenient locations in Brooklyn and Long Island. By addressing the root causes of his patients’ unique concerns, he can then address them on an individual basis to promote a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness.