Complementary Cancer Care in Long Island, New York


Complementary Cancer Care, also called Integrative Holistic Cancer Care, is one of the most exciting interventions we have in the cancer fight. It could give you the support you need to make it possible to battle the disease while still enjoying life.

The treatment is a group of interventions to give you the support you need to cope with cancer. We help balance your immune system, nutritional levelshormones, and neurotransmitters. This may include prescribing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients, balancing your mental state, relieving deep stress, detoxifying the body, improving sleep, productivity, and sex life — basically whatever your body craves, we address it holistically.

Since everybody is different and everyone’s story is unique, this program is designed specifically around your individual needs. It is not a blanket treatment, but a caring supplement to make you feel whole again.

Cancer most often is a result of an immune system failure. It can go unnoticed for many years. It’s hard to think about the immune system until its failure becomes too big to ignore, causing frequent or chronic infections, or cancer. Whether you have beat cancer, have cancer currently, or are prone to have it in the future, shaping up your immune system with Complementary Cancer Care is a service that should be looked into.

In any case, it’s imperative to get the immune system working as well as possible. Patching the immune system is like trying to stop water flowing in from a damaged roof. You could put down a bucket to catch the water for a good temporary solution. But the best solution is always to repair the roof itself.


This is a great program for anyone currently dealing with cancer, in remission, or have had it in the past. If you are frustrated with your current cancer treatment, if your chemotherapy isn’t working anymore, if you are sick of being weak and tired, or if you want to restore your strength after chemotherapy, Complementary Cancer Care may be the exact thing your body is asking for. It’s also a great option if you are interested in Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT).


Like the name states, Complementary Cancer Care is complementary medicine; it can be used in addition to traditional cancer treatments provided by oncologists. We don’t consider it an alternative cancer treatment, but a support system for your entire body, physically and mentally. Cancer can tear a person down, but we are here to build you back up.

Complementary Cancer Care can give you the support you need to get:

  • More energy

  • Better quality sleep

  • Tamer mood swings

  • Improved metabolism

  • A detoxified body

  • Lessened anxiety

  • Decrease of depression

  • Overall feeling of hope

Again, it is an individualized treatment. We focus on whatever your body is craving the most in order for you to gain control over your health.


Complementary Cancer Care is a great option because it focuses on the entire body, not just one health issue or area. It is natural, balancing out the harsh chemicals the body may be receiving from chemotherapy.

Unlike traditional treatments, Dr. Kalitenko’s complementary cancer treatment is holistic. That means he makes sure your whole body is responding properly to vitamins and other nutrients. He looks for any barriers that may block hormonal action, and checks that your body is free of toxins that make your life miserable. He also focuses on detoxification, nutrition, and spiritual healing.

A holistic approach to cancer care may give you the support you need you to turn your life around. You can thrive instead of just survive. It can be more than just an additional support. It’s about getting you back to where you should be on a physical, mental and spiritual level, so that you have a good foundation to heal on every other level.

However, keep in mind that results don’t happen magically. There is no magic potion and Dr. Kalitenko doesn’t perform miracles. You’ll need to keep up your side of the deal for great results, being very persistent and as motivated as possible.

When your body receives the nutrients it craves, the positive power of the immune system can be truly unleashed.


As with any interventions, there are risks involved. Since this is such an individualized treatment, risks vary from patient to patient.

Be sure you trust your doctor. Ask him or her every question you can think of during your appointment in order to understand the risks and benefits. Under physician supervision, you can make an informed decision as to whether the treatment is the right option for you.  As they say, if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain. If you want outstanding results, you have to accept some amount of risk.

Make sure you consider the other hand as well; how safe is it to not treat your body in the time of cancer?


Dr. Kalitenko understands cancer. He understands the emotional and physical pain that accompanies it, as well as the overwhelming amount of information and treatments out there. However, he truly believes in the power of Complementary Cancer Care. He discovered the treatment through his own personal experience with cancer.

Dr. Kalitenko lost his father to a vicious prostate cancer. After that, he immediately checked his own Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), which can be used for prostate cancer detection. His PSA number was higher than it should have been. But the traditional medicine approach was out of the question for him. He wanted a natural holistic approach. No drugs. He started investigating and discovered Complementary Cancer Care. He tried the treatment on himself first. When his PSA decreased, he could trust the treatment enough to apply it to his medical practice.

Dr. Kalitenko focuses on addressing the root cause of your problem, instead of just treating your symptoms. To do that, he uses the Functional Medicine approach and bio-feedback to ask your body what is wrong and what needs to be done; your body gives off pretty reliable signals, since it is already trying to heal itself. Dr. Kalitenko also employs the most effective practices of conventional medicine, such as personal history, physical exams, labs and imaging studies.

To achieve the best results possible, Dr. Kalitenko not only balances his patients’ immune system, hormones and nutrients, but may also balance neurotransmitters, microelements and vitamins. Detoxification is also a very important part of our treatment plan.


Don’t wait until your cancer changes become so profound that they cannot be reversed!  When dealing with the immune system, it’s sometimes hard to know when extra treatment is necessary. Dr. Kalitenko can test all of your body’s levels so you can make an educated decision on the health path you’d like to take.

You can’t be saved once you’re already falling from a cliff, but you can be saved when you’re going towards the cliff. As always, too soon is better than too late!

Dr. Kalitenko would love to change your life as he changed his own. Feel free to contact us for an appointment today! Give us a call or visit us at our Long Island, NY or Brooklyn location. We are easily accessible from any borough in New York City, whether you’re from Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, or the Bronx.



“So when do you think they’ll finally figure out how to cure cancer?” This simple question posed during dinner one evening sparks a conversation that will change the lives of four lifelong friends forever. What starts as a simple discussion about the high cost of cancer and the merits of early detection quickly evolves into a much deeper and more informed dialogue about the benefits of complementary cancer therapies. Sam, a New York City holistic practitioner, has decades of alternative medicine experience to share with his best friend, Mike, and their wives. He can talk knowledgeably about a variety of topics, ranging from how to prevent cancer, boost your immune system naturally, and avoid environmental toxins to what vitamins, nutrients, and hormones can best support cancer management. From a functional medicine perspective, Sam’s position is clear. Complementary cancer treatments are just that-ways to complement traditional therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Because they address the root cause of patients’ problems, holistic approaches are a whole-body, medically sound way of managing this very insidious and painful disease. Could alternative cancer treatments work for you?

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