Are you suffering from uncontrolled anger episodes?

Living in New York City or Long Island, NY can be stressful. But is your anger out of proportion, and out of control?

  • Do you bully your coworkers and family members?

  • Have episodes of uncontrolled rage with verbal abuse and fights?

  • Can't stop shouting at your loved ones and then regret it?

  • Have you ever destroyed furniture and other property while angry?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you might be a candidate for Anger Management. The first step is to get to the root cause of your anger, not just learn some anger management techniques. It may not be "just your personality," or the result of a stressful situation. Unmanageable anger could be the result of:

Sergey Kalitenko MD can check your hormone levels, metal levels and neurotransmitter imbalances to find the root cause of the uncontrolled anger that can destroy your life. It may give you the support you need to:

  1. Stop the anger episodes

  2. Stop fighting with your coworkers, customers and loved ones

  3. Manage the anger issues

  4. Not worry about losing control

  5. Be happy again!

Don't wait for an explosive situation to detonate. Give us a call or visit us at our Long Island or Brooklyn location! We are easily accessible from any borough in NYC, whether you're from Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, or the Bronx.