Any of the above problems may suggest that you have a thyroid problem.

The thyroid is an endocrine gland located in the anterior part of our neck, around the Adam?s apple. Its hormones are vitally important: you cannot live without the thyroid. This is because you need thyroid hormones for the production of energy.  No energy -- no life. If you have a thyroid hormone imbalance, you also have an imbalanced life.

Balancing your thyroid by correcting your hypothyroidism may give you the support you need to:

But it isn't easy to balance the thyroid. First you need to find out if your thyroid is working properly. Even if you've routinely checked your thyroid hormones and levels appear normal, it doesn't necessarily mean that everything is fine, because your thyroid hormone receptors may be either blocked or overstimulated by something else. So, you might have a thyroid problem that you don't know about.

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