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Explaining Oprah's Recent Weight Gain
According to Globe Magazine, Michelle Obama is the reason for TV Queen Oprah's weight gain. At least that is what Oprah thinks.

It?s understandable considering since the feud between them started, Oprah?s gained about 40 pounds and now weighs around 200 pounds. It?s obvious to anyone Michelle Obama is not the cause of the Oprah?s weight gain. Chances are, Oprah?s stress levels are through the roof, but how would that make someone gain weight? It's because stress shuts down your mind.

Imagine that you see a fast moving car about to hit you. You?re reaction? You jump out of the way. You don?t think about the make or model of the car. You don?t think about who?s driving and why they may hit you. You jump to save your life. Even though you?re mind is under immediate stress, it shuts down and the reactions are automatic. The same happens when you are under any type of stress, including emotional. And most likely, it?s what happened to Oprah. Due to stress she could not control herself, and her mind shut down.

But stress may not be the only reason for Oprah's weight gain. Another and may be more plausible explanation is: menopause. The reason why women gain weight is mostly progesterone level decline, leading to fat accumulation, mostly in the waist area. Bioidentical hormone replacement is an option here, because in contrast to synthetic or semisynthetic hormones used in traditional medicine, bioidentical hormones have the same molecular structure as our own. That is why our body knows what to do with them to get rid of them properly. Contrary to this, our body does not know how to get rid of synthetic or semisynthetic hormones suggested by official medicine. The result: abnormal byproducts, linked to cancer.

Here are some solutions to take back control

  1. Use stress reduction techniques like meditation, etc.
  2. Take a deep breath to relieve the stress.
  3. Avoid sweets for two reasons: to lose weight and to avoid blood sugar swings, which can affect your mood.
  4. Get enough high-quality sleep.
  5. Improve your communication skills.
  6. Exercise.
  7. Spend time with your family.
  8. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
  9. Take a vacation.

Does Oprah know about stress and how to cope with stress, weight gain and menopause? Sure she does.  But what matters is what you do, not what you know. 10.  Just do all the above!