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Once a month, all women must go through debilitating fatigue, raging mood swings, and mental and physical torment that accompany their menstrual cycle.  PMS is inevitable, right?  ?Or is it?  What if I told you that there could be a natural solution to this monthly agony, better than painkillers?  You or a loved one could be relieved of premenstrual syndrome by looking deeper into the problem?not treating the symptoms, but looking at the estrogen dominance that causes the entire thing. 

What is PMS?

Premenstrual Syndrome (commonly referred to as PMS) occurs in the second half of the female monthly cycle, lasting anywhere from two days to two weeks.  It is a very well-known health problem, but because it comes with symptoms that seem to be unrelated to hormone imbalance, it can be easily overlooked?and sometimes over-medicated.  The uncomfortable symptoms that women can experience with PMS are substantial mood swings, depression, anxiety, bloating, constipation, fatigue, cramps, breast tenderness, libido loss, and overall body tension.


Because these symptoms are painful, many will treat their PMS with pain medications, psych medications, or anti-migraine drugs.  But these only offer a temporary relief to a few of the symptoms.  The secret is to get to the root cause of these terrible symptoms and fix what may be a bad hormonal imbalance. 


Natural Solutions for PMS

PMS may be a severe hormonal imbalance or just a slight one.  Before you take synthetic medi-cation and before you see a doctor, take a look at two simple checkpoints that may naturally reach the root cause of your issue.


1. There are certain triggers that will make PMS worse.  Eliminate or lessen factors like drinking alcohol, consuming caffeine, being stressed out, not getting enough sleep, eating carbohydrates, and using salt or sodium.


2.  Try eating foods that will help balance your hormones.   Many natural foods can encourage your body to regain its balance.  Omega-3 fatty acids are a great for your body?like salmon, nuts, and tofu.  Also, look for food that is rich in magnesium?like leafy greens and beans?as well as food with calcium and vitamins?like green vegetables, yogurt, and oranges.  Stay away from processed food as much as possible, which basically means anything in a box or made with ingredients you don?t recognize.  Lastly, it is highly recommended to consume five fruits and vegetables a day.


Here?s the deal.  If premenstrual syndrome still rules your life after trying these lifestyle changes, the solution may lie in hormonal supplements.  Instead of popping pills for the pain, we can take a look at the actual cause of the issue.  It may be a simple hormonal imbalance.  Estrogen domin-ance is usually the culprit, which means that the body either doesn?t produce enough progeste-rone or it has too much estrogen because of its impaired elimination.  This can be fixed with hormonal creams or pills.


Testing the Body for PMS

Testing whether or not your symptoms are caused by estrogen dominance is important in order to rule out other conditions that can appear to be PMS, like low thyroid levels or adrenal problems.  Plan to come in for tests around the 21st day of your menstrual cycle, as this is when estrogen levels will be highest.  Usually PMS symptoms start in the second part of the cycle and peak just before a period starts.  


If your symptoms officially turn out to be premenstrual syndrome, Dr. Kalitenko offers proge-sterone cream and pills to help cure the hormonal imbalance.  This treatment is part of his bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) program.  Patients who are treated with BHRT often experience more positive results than just the lack of PMS.  They check in with more energy, more focus, and even more libido!  Correcting a hor-monal imbalance can dramatically change your life for the better.  With no more PMS, your loved ones may thank you, too!