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A Diet to the Rescue


A Mediterranean diet emphasizes antioxidant-heavy, plant-based foods, especially natural fats from olives and nuts.  It has been recommended for years as a healthy way to prevent coronary heart disease, various cancers and other diseases.  But now, a new study out of Barcelona found that there is a connection between Mediterranean diet and memory. Actually, it improves memory in older people [1].  


The study used patients who were over 60 and at risk for cardiovascular disease.  They were assigned one of three diets: a Mediterranean diet with an extra liter of extra virgin olive oil a week, a Mediterranean diet with 30 grams of nuts daily, or a low-fat diet.


The patients who consumed more olive oil showed better memory scores at the end of the study.  Those who ate an increased amount of nuts improved in their ability for executive function.  The people who ate the low-fat diet unfortunately had cognitive measures that declined by the end of the study.  The study?s goal was to find out how to prevent metabolic syndrome, which affects nearly one-fourth of adults worldwide [2].  Metabolic syndrome includes symptoms of abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hyperglycemia and eventually cardiovascular disease.  The studies, like these are important to find answers to this global problem.


Basically, they concluded that it?s never too late to start eating healthily.  Even if you already have health problems or are at high risk for serious issues, choosing a good diet for you may be the first step toward a longer, fuller life.  ?If you intervene with a healthy dietary pattern in people who are at risk of cognitive failure, even in people who still haven?t had any memory complaints or loss of cognitive function, you can prevent cognitive deterioration? said the head of the study, Dr. Emilio Ros [3].  As always, before diving into a new diet, talk to your physician about what?s right for your body, as it may not help you.

Mediterranean Diet May Not Help

While it is important to have a healthy diet for optimal cognitive function, a mediterranean diet (or any healthy diet for that matter) may not be able to help you in some cases. For instance. For many people, digestive issues get in the way of proper nutrient absorption.  In other words, what goes in your mouth may not always be getting through to your body.  


If the digestive system is not working properly, healthy food simply can?t work to effectively provide essential nutrients.  According to surveys, well over half of Americans regularly experience uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms.  Most don?t see a doctor about it either [4]. So chances are pretty high that undiagnosed digestive issues may be completely blocking your entire body from getting nutrients.  


Here are three things to talk to your physician about, if you are having a digestive issue..


1. Digestion and  Absorption


Basically, if your digestive system isn?t properly absorbing, no diet is going to work.  To make sure your diet is helping you, you will need to check the digestive system.  Especially look for parasites and bacterial overgrowth.  According to studies, approximately 85% of Americans are infected with parasites [5].  These can range from over 100 varieties, sized anywhere from microscopic to several feet long.  Parasites could be feeding off of your good nutrition, not allowing it to work effectively.   Bacterial overgrowth is also fairly common, where your good bacteria is overtaken by bad bacteria proliferating in the gut.


2. Toxins


Toxins are a surprisingly huge culprit in blocking the effectiveness of a healthy diet.  Whether a person is affected by mercury, lead, or excess caffeine and alcohol, these toxins can block nutrition at its base.  No matter what kind of diet you try, if your body is fighting toxins, nutrients will not be able to get to where they need to go in the body.  Detoxifying the body with a physician is essential before refocusing on a diet regimen.


3. Lack of Time


Let?s say someone has unidentified problems with their digestive system and they need to fix it.  First, a physician will have to pinpoint the actual problem.  Are there toxins?  Is there any sign of a damaging parasite?  Is it something else?  A good doctor will rule out all options to get to the true source of the issue.  But in our fast-paced society, it is not always convenient to wait for results, treatments, and effects.  Oftentimes, even test results can take up to three weeks.  


What?s more, once you finally take care of your specific issues and can start a new diet, you need months or even years of constant adherence to the diet.  Your body needs time to adjust to the new nutrients and to show the benefits. The problem is that with our busy lives, we want to be healthy, but most of us don?t have that much time to spare.  Luckily, I have found a great solution.

The New Solution to Balance Nutrients in the Body

The solution that has worked most effectively for my busy patients , whose digestive system was not working properly is by administering vitamins and minerals through an IV.  This way, while we are working on getting your body balanced and healthy, you are not missing out on your vital nutrients.  Is IV treatment for nutrients crazy or excessive?  Let me give you an example and leave that up to you.


Let?s say a senior businessman needs to go on a business trip.  He has brain fog and is having troubles thinking and speaking cohesively.  This business meeting could change the scope of the company.  He can?t wait for weeks for test results; he needs results now.  Does he risk the future of the company and go when he is not on top of his game?  Or does he get an instant, risk-free boost of nutrients and feel cleared up and ready to go?


Getting nutrition intravenously works quickly, delivers larger doses of nutrients and bypasses the troubled digestive system.  I find it an incredibly exciting treatment.  Until now, this treatment has been limited to wealthy celebrities and cancer patients.  Stars like Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, Miley Cyrus, Mario Lopez and Simon Cowell have all boasted using this method.  But now physicians can administer this risk-free treatment to the average Joe.


If you?re in limbo either treating digestive issues or waiting for the magic Mediterranean diet to take its effect, consider IV nutrients as a quick and easy boost of good health.  The solution I give to most patients includes vitamin B12, vitamin C and magnesium, but every mix is, of course, individualized for each patient?s needs.  It is a powerful natural treatment that provides your body with what it craves.


If you are curious about the Mediterranean diet, looking into your digestive issues or using IV nutrients, call us today.  Taking steps toward good health today may prevent catastrophes in the future.  It?s never too late to start, but it only gets riskier to wait.