Do Celebrities Ever Get Old?

How is it that celebrities never show their true age?

Sure, they have money, they have trainers, they have surgery, but how is that you can look at a star you grew up with, and yet you look older than they do? Besides being rich and having every luxury at your fingertips, you may have to opt for a more feasible option. Don?t worry, the stars do it, too. There are many ways to stay young. You can work out, diet, go through mesotherapy, use Botox, etc., but all those are not powerful enough to bring you from your 60s back to your 30s. I have never seen anybody get back his or her youth by dieting, exercising, or getting Botox injections. These methods are good to delay aging, good for health, and great for life and vitality, but they are useless in reversing aging. If you really want your youth back, try bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

There is no doubt that stars would do anything to stay young, because they need to keep their jobs. No doubt also that stars use the best treatments money could buy. So what do they do to stay young? Stars "secrets" to staying young are published regularly. For example In Touch magazine, Jan 5, 2009 published an article "These Stars Don't Age" where it "reveals" stars secrets like dieting, sex, workouts, drinking plenty of water, etc. But who are these stars? They talked about Jennifer Aniston who?s 40, Demi Moore, 46, Nicole Kidman, 41, Heidi Klum, 35, and others. The eldest example they used was Sharon Stone, 51.  And they really look the same now as they did then. But what do they have in common? They are all premenopausal.

It means, that their hormones are most likely OK. The only postmenopausal star I know, who manages to look young still, is Susan Somers. So what is her secret? Bioidentical hormone replacement, because the only way to get back lost hormones is to replace them with the same hormones you had when you were young.  Think about it: workouts can?t be a substitute for lost estrogen? Diet and water can?t compensate for lost testosterone.  If you want your youth back, take it back with bioidentical hormones.

There are several benefits to bioidentical hormone replacement:

  • Looking and feeling at least 10 years younger.
  • Having more sex.
  • Getting relief from hot flashes and insomnia.
  • Improving your energy level.
  • Being able to compete with younger individuals in personal and professional life.

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